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The Hot Tub Boat could teach the car industry a thing or two about relaxation

Since the dawn of the automobile man has sought ways to relax and invigorate himself whilst driving. Massaging seats, high-end stereo systems and digital climate control have all played their part in this quest, but we think it’s high time the motoring industry sought inspiration from other sources, namely this Hot Tub Boat.

Yes, we said Hot Tub. Boat. Created by the aptly-named Hot Tub Boat company, these baby barges can be hired and sailed around Lake Union, Seattle, for $150 per hour. Each boat is powered by a small electric motor and can be piloted by the renter after a short tutorial. The water in each boat is heated by a small, diesel-fired boiler that can maintain the temperature at 104 degrees Fahrenheit, although a temperature of 100 degrees F is recommended for maximum soak time.

Up to six people can ride at any one time.

Yes, filling a car with water might sound slightly dangerous, but surely it’s not as insane as filling a boat with the stuff, particularly when boat designers spend so much of their time trying to keep water at bay. Just imagine a car cabin full of hot, swirling jacuzzi water, pummelling your back, cascading through the pedals at your toes, it would be heaven.

It’d be bloody dangerous, sure, but you’d die mangled, moist and happy.

While you wait for someone stupid enough to actually build a car with a hot tub (and we’re not just talking about the potentially deadly DIY kind – we mean the potentially deadly factory built kind) head over to to see their vision in action.

For something similar that’s a little closer to home, check out the Netherlands-based Hot Tug.


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