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The Mercedes-Benz sticker that could save your life

Mercedes-Benz has developed a sticker known as Rescue Assist that could save your life in the event of a crash.

Rescue Assist is a sticker emergency services are able to scan using a smartphone or tablet to get specifications of a car or cars involved in an accident, including the make, model, vehicle specifications and anything else that could prove useful.

The reason, Mercedes explains, is to allow a passenger extraction to be done more quickly and efficiently. Increasingly complicated vehicles make life more difficult for fire crews, especially in the case of an electric car, which will have high voltage cables that need to be avoided when cutting through the body.

The QR stickers, which are located inside the fuel filler cap and just inside the door, reportedly save around two minutes compared with the existing process of looking up a make of car on a database. 

“We’d like to be in a position where all cars have QR Codes, simply because it’s going to reduce the amount of time taken to extricate the casualty, which in turn is going to improve survival rates,” The Fire Service College learning and development manager Craig Flannery commented. 

Mercedes said it will refrain from patenting the stickers so that other car manufacturers can follow suit, resulting in improved emergency response times across the board.

QR codes are nothing new, but their use has been mainly for marketing purposes. Most modern-day smartphones with a camera and up-to-date operating system can scan QR codes.

Mercedes will fit the Rescue Assist stickers on any model from 1990 onwards. Just head to a dealership or visit the Mercedes UK website for details on the process.


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