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The new Honda Civic Type R details you should know

Honda is about to let a group of journalists loose in the new Honda Civic Type R (brave move). But not before we delve into the nitty gritty to see what the front-wheel drive lunatic is all about.

If there is a limit to how much horsepower you can have shoved to the front wheels, Honda is probably getting close to it. The latest Honda Civic Type R squeezes even more ponies under the bonnet (not actual ones, that would be cruel) and that means it should be an even bigger handful.

Or perhaps not, because maybe Honda has decided to make its baby touring car less, well, baby touring car and more relaxed. Because, you know, maybe some manners would help it sell better?

We loved its brutish edge so we would rather have seen a hint of relaxation in the looks department, if anything, but then the Type R does stand out – particularly when next to a car as reserved as the BMW M140i.

Let’s avoid dwelling on the ‘what ifs’ for too long, though, because there are enough concrete facts to get you up to speed on the new model. Here is what you should know ahead of its UK release and review.

How powerful is the new Honda Civic Type R?

Another 10bhp more, to be precise, which takes the total to a very potent 316bhp. A few tweaks to the 2.0-litre turbocharged noise-maker ensure it will get through tyres very quickly if you want it to, which is what you would expect from 400Nm of torque.

What about the new Honda Civic Type R 0-62mph?

No idea, mainly because Honda is keeping hold of this particular figure as well as the top speed. Because it would ruin the surprise. Given the extra power, it should have the something in the four-second club and work out quicker than the current Type R, but by how much is unclear. The top speed is likely to be higher, too.

Any other changes to the new Honda Civic Type R?

Well, as we said earlier it is based on the new Civic, which means it looks different and has a revised interior. For starters, the dials are no longer obscured by the steering wheel and the materials and look are said to be of a higher quality. All good stuff.

Then there is the triple-exit exhaust, which suits a car with a spoiler as large as a small country, and one of the scariest front-ends to grace a car, let alone a (sort of) family hatchback.

In its latest form, the quiet and reserved crowd will take one look at new Civic Type R and bleach their eyes. For people who love an aggressive car though, a four-wheeled statement of intent, it is as good as it gets.

As for the suspension, the new car is said to be 35 per cent firmer than its predecessor, which in Type R terms means it has gone from wood to concrete. At least, that is what you would quite reasonably assume…

So how does the new Honda Civic Type R drive?

If the Civic Type R prototype drives suggest anything, it is that, despite being firmer, the ride quality is actually more compliant.

The overall consensus is a positive one, but then a couple of miles is hardly enough to really get to know what it can do and that is most journalists have had. Or, at least, can write about without breaking a contract.

When does the new Honda Civic Type R go on sale?

In August, 2017. So there is only a short time before you will have to smash open the piggy bank and buy something more that could really upset the Ford Focus RS – another blistering example of hatchback stupidity.

How much will the new Honda Civic Type R cost?

£30,995, apparently, although these things are subject to change. Terms and conditions, you know the drill. We will have all the exact details after the forthcoming new Civic Type R test drive abroad – cast your eyes over our current Type R Black Edition review until then.


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