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Watch The Stig bungee jump in a Lotus F1 car

Some say the only way he can get his kicks is by bungee jumping in a Formula 1 car. And they’re right; video of The Stig doing exactly that has hit the Internet.

The Top Gear wheelman wheelperson wheelthing has recently been shot ‘borrowing’ a 2013-spec Formula 1 car and transporting it, in a rather unusual way, to the Top Gear Festival in Durban, South Africa.

Once there, Stiggy proceded to let his hair helmet down, somersaulting a motocross bike, then a buggy, before engaging in a spot of drifting.

Perhaps the adrenalin rush from those activities wasn’t quite enough, because what The Stig does next is quite… odd. He rolls the F1 car off a crane, and bugees the thing while strapped into the cabin.

Not one to watch if you suffer from Vertigo, but everyone else should get a kick out of it.


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