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The stunning Mini Superleggera is coming

Remember that beautiful open-top Mini Superleggera concept from way back in 2014? Well, it’s been given the green light when it comes to production.

That’s according to Car Magazine, which claims the roadster has been earmarked for production in 2018 in a bid to help jazz up the Mini family. BMW has proposed five ‘super-heroes’ for the Mini range, an analogy for a smaller but better and more clearly defined range of models.

It is unclear what the Superleggera will look like, but the production version is said to retain the character and charisma of the concept car.

There will, however, be a change to what lies beneath the bonnet. Although an electric Mini is on the cards, the two-seater soft-top will need to make use of the same FAAR architecture, meaning fossil fuel-sipping three- or four-cylinder engines.

The Mini Superleggera was designed with the help of the coachbuilding company Touring Superleggera. It is said to be inspired by Riva speed boats and is a deliberate mix of ‘Italian barchetta with British soul’, according to Mini chief designer Anders Warmig.

It features various Union Jack styling nods to improve its British appeal as well as a Como blue paintjob (red was originally proposed but the blue was deemed more appropriate), three-spoke steering wheel, bucket seats and a dashboard made from one piece of aluminium.

We can only urge BMW to stick as closely to the concept as humanly possible because the Superleggera is one of the best-looking cars we have seen in a very long time. Check out the pictures of the concept and try telling us we are wrong.

Mini Superleggera concept pictures


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