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The Tesla Model S just got cleverer (and less prone to range anxiety)

Tesla Motors boss Elon Musk said on Twitter he would be curing range anxiety in the Model S and now we can reveal exactly what he meant.

The Tesla Model S will be getting version 6.2 of its operating system as an over-the-air-update, the most important aspect of which is a navigation feature that warns you if planning a journey that would see the car run out of battery.

In addition, the Model S update adds a sat-nav feature that factors in Tesla’s network of fast-charging superchargers, so you can top up the battery along your journey without having to plan ahead.

Other new features include a blindspot warning in traffic, improved radio reception via an upgraded codec, valet mode that limits the throttle, torque and access to owner data as well as improved throttle and brake pedal feel for a more natural driving experience.

Should everything go to plan, Musk said to expect the full release of OS 6.2 in as little as 10 days, meaning Model S owners will soon wake up to a more functional car ─ and not for the first time.

Tesla also teased what will be coming in version 7.0 of its operating system, including a mention of a complete user-interface design overhaul and automatic steering on highways, representing the first major step in autonomous driving for the Californian firm. The update is said to be coming in the summer 2015.

The latest car in the Tesla range is the Model S with dual motor, a 691hp version of the 420hp P85 model that uses two electric motors instead of one. 0 to 62mph takes a mere 3.2 seconds, while the range is said to be the same 312 miles between charges.

Musk recently made headlines after claiming he re-added a feature to his all-electric saloon after his son called it “the stupidest car in the world“. Kids, eh?

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