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The UK’s most scarily unreliable car revealed

What happens when you combine all the most unreliable cars on the road? You get the ‘Frankencar’, which costs an average of £550 to repair every other month, according to Warranty Direct.

The body parts of the ‘Horrific 40RR0R’ created in time for Halloween consists of the engine from a BMW M5, axle and suspension of an Audi RS6, gearbox of a Jeep Grand Cherokee, electrics of a Mercedes R-Class, brakes of a Fiat Multipla, air-conditioning system of a Seat Alhambra and the steering system of a Chyrsler 300C.

Two-fifths of Audi RS6 owners need a garage visit to get their suspension woes sorted out every year, while three in every 10 Mercedes R-Class cars suffer from some sort of electrical fault. A quarter of BMW M5s need engine repairs. 10 per cent of Chrysler 300Cs require steering system repairs. 

Managing director David Gerrans said: “The Horrific 40RR0R is a bit of fun that will, thankfully, never be built, as it stitches together the cars that perform worst in each of the mechanical categories we measure. 

“This large variety of vehicles that goes into the concoction proves how typically reliable cars can be dragged down by one poorly-performing part.”

Warranty Direct, which provides warranty cover for vehicles, compiled the parts by looking at the Reliability Index of more than 50,000 policies. It found the average car annual repair bill was £350, while the most expensive bill was a truly frightening £35,000.

The Reliability Index (RI) measures a car on its cost of repair, frequency of failure, age and mileage. The Franken car would score 500 if it was real – far higher than the average score of 100.