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The ultimate playhouse for budding petrolheads?

Ultra-expensive luxury playhouses for the young motoring enthusiast.

Forget your typical wooden house or plastic play kitchen. How about a miniature petrol station you can actually park a (toy) car inside? Northamptonshire firm The Master Wishmakers will build you one of its highly detailed masterpieces for the fruit of your loins ─ providing you have the readies.

Each toy home can be as simple or intricate as you like. From under floor heating and entertainment to interior lighting, custom door handles and hand-painted exterior signage, the bespoke service knows no bounds (and neither does the cost).

The Master Wishmaker use the the types of materials you would find in an actual building, rather than relying on the usual plastic nonsense. The firm, which was setup in 2011, even ensures your ‘new build’ matches the surrounding architecture if need be.

“All the playhouses are constructed using the same methods and principles as a real house, so each has its own timber frame which has cavity wall insulation, full electrics and are fully weatherproof,” The Master Wishmakers founder Sege Rosella told the Telegraph.

“The roofs are also like you’d find on a real house so we insulate them, use timber batten, and tile them in hand-split cedar tiles ─ unless the customer requests something different. Using these techniques means that we can create a playhouse that is truly bespoke and will last for many, many years,” he added.

The Rascal Revlots’ Garage will set you back an eye-watering £25,000, which is before you factor in delivery and installation. The less elaborate ‘Half Fast Filling Station’ is £4,995 before you even start thinking about customisation.

Personally, we’d rather spend that money on a deposit for a real life home and give our kids a cardboard box to play in. After all, a child’s imagination knows no bounds. If they get a paper round maybe they’ll be able to buy themselves one of those miniaturised Jaguar E-Types.

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