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This cute Russian ATV laughs in the face of dangerous conditions

Even the hardiest off-roader would end up swimming with the fishes if met by a frozen lake, but the Russian-built ‘Sherp’ is hardly your run-of-the-mill machine.

The 3.4m long, 2.52m wide and 2.3m tall Sherp all-terrain vehicle (ATV) is more than capable of conquering snowy conditions, thanks to having inflatable tyres just over five-feet tall that can handle obstacles up to 27-inches (2.25ft) in height.

Not only that, the sizable tread pattern allows it to swim in water up to four miles per hour, with a four-cylinder diesel engine and a five-speed manual transmission giving it the pulling power it needs and an on-land top speed of 28mph. Take that, frozen lakes.

Adding to its off-road repertoire is the ability to independently brake the left and right wheels, which allows it to spin on the spot, making three-point turns redundant. You can also open the windscreen for a breezier drive.

The Sherp ATV is available with a pick-up bed, collapsible awning for setting up camp or the hard-back version we see here, which gives you the most space for shopping (up to 1,000kg, in fact). If you somehow find a Tesco equivalent near a frozen lake.

Other standard equipment includes a hand brake, halogen headlights, automatic interior heating system, 58-litre fuel tank and seatbelts for the driver and passenger seats. Not exactly generous, then, but you can spec doors that open upwards and another 50-litre fuel tank in each wheel if you so desire.

Just in case you doubt the Sherp’s ability (and there’s a chance you might because it looks like a toy), the manufacturerpoints out it has been tested it at places human feet have never been including the most distant corners of the Siberian Taiga and the mountain of Kola Peninsula.

We doubt the machine would be road legal in the UK, but if you’re still keen you can chuck US$65,000 at the Russian manufacturer for the entry-level Sherp. And that might be a good investment plan if the zombie apocalypse ever comes to fruition.

Failing that, you could check out Russia’s answer to the Land Rover.

Video: Russian Sherp in action


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