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This is how you drive a turbocharged tractor

If you watch one group of nutters putting a custom tractor through its paces in a barn, make it the YouTube video ‘Traktor Terror’.

This generous slice of internet stupidity shows team Vianor’s latest rider, Rickard Nilsson, show what he can do in a 1956 Volvo BM Terrier tractor that has been fitted with a Volvo 940 Turbo engine, Volvo 740 intercooler and a few Saab parts here and there.

Power is said to be 225hp and the top speed is 60mph so you can understand why a roll cage and adjustable front suspension was added. The days of this particular tractor rescuing the family Range Rover from a ditch are long gone.

Farmkhana (as the video should be called) may lack the drifting expertise of Ken Block in Gymkhana, but there’s something poetic about seeing a piece of turbocharged piece of farm machinery performing doughnuts in a field.

Vianor is a tyre company so the team’s antics are a good PR stunt, although we get the impression they do it more for fun than to strum up business. Maybe they just wanted to make farming more appealing to youngsters?

Vianor – Traktor Terror is Back video


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