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This is what a 124mph crash looks like

If there’s one way to put someone off speeding, it’s watching a video of high speed crashes that shows just how mangled a car gets when extreme forces are at work.

Case in point is a YouTube video published by the Dynamic Test Center that reveals exactly what happens to a car when it’s driven into a stationary vehicle and barriers at a whopping 124mph (200km/h). Suffice to say, it’s anything but pretty.

Some of the cars appear to fare much better than others, with one impact looking much less terrifying than the others – although we doubt a human occupant would stand a chance in any of them. A couple of the cars actually take off from the sheer impact.

The slow-motion footage of one of the crashes is the most sobering of all, given that the car folds up as if it was made of paper and the back of the Volvo it ploughs into ends up nonexistent. There’s little doubt it would be game over for all drivers and passengers involved.

Commenters on the video seem to be either fascinated by the spectacle or, in the case of one YouTube user, slightly disturbed: “A solid volvo looking like a accordion after that crash makes me feel sick.”

The video was published on the 28th of July 2015 and has since been watched more than 280,000 times, suggesting there’s a thirst for slow-mo collisions.

Check it out below and remember why speed limits can be a good thing, especially when UK motorists have been clocked as high as 149mph on public roads.

124mph crash simulation video


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