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This is why the Isle of Man TT is ridden by some of motorsport’s bravest

Unsure just how large your testicles must be to ride the Isle of Man’s legendary TT race? You should watch the following video, unless you dislike feeling inadequate.

It shows 26-year-old, 11-time winner Michael Dunlop putting the Milwaukee Yamaha superbike through its paces along a course that has, rather sadly, claimed the lives of many riders. But as incredibly fast as Dunlop is going, Hutchinson blasts past him and, in the process, nearly loses control.

It’s a terrifying moment of contact that would have most people changing their underpants (in fact, just watching it may have the same effect), yet Hutchinson handles the bike’s momentary lack of control in such blasé fashion you would think he was ironing a shirt.

Hutchinson then quickly shifts back into the seat in preparation for the next high speed corner and is soon able to put distance between him and Dunlop, who is heard backing off the throttle – presumably to preserve his and Hutchy’s safety.

Overtaking anyone on the 37.73-mile TT circuit is impressive enough, but let’s remember Hutchinson has undergone more than 29 operations on his leg since a crash at Silverstone. Disability or not, the rider and his PBM Kawasaki managed the fastest average speed of 130.266mph during practice on Thursday. 

To be fair to Dunlop, his R1 superbike is so off the pace he decided to split from his team two days before the race, even though he still managed to post a Superstock speed of 129.659mph. Instead he will ride a Buildbase BMW in the hope of bettering his Superbike lap of 124.519mph that saw him 13th on the leaderboard.

21-time champion John McGuiness was very much on form, setting a second place time of 130.030mph and only 1.8 seconds slower than Hutchinson. 

Guy Martin, seen in the documentary TT: Closer to the Edge, Michael Rutter and Conor Cummins all posted speeds of more than 128mph, while Bruce Anstey and William Dunlop sneaked in over 129mph. 

Anyway enough chit-chat. Watch two champions among men undertake the most dangerous motorsport in the world courtesy of Duke Video’s YouTube channel and try telling us Formula One (as much as we love it) is anywhere near as exciting.

TT 2015 – Michael Dunlop gets a Hutchy surprise video


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