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This man will do anything for a parking space

Finding a parking space is one of the most difficult things motorists face on a daily basis. It’s so tough, in fact, that that the average person spends nearly a third of a year across their entire lifespan looking for places to park. However one impatient gentleman clearly didn’t have that amount of time to spare when looking for somewhere to leave his vehicle.

Video footage has emerged of a man towing another person’s car out of a parking space, leaving that vehicle abandoned in the middle of the car park, before unhitching the tow rope and reversing his own car in the now vacant space.

Understandably, the owner of the freshly towed car didn’t take kindly to having his car forcibly removed. Having spotted his pride and joy being unceremoniously hauled from its slot, he confronts the first gentleman and the pair of them go at it hammer and tongs. Actually it’s more like handbags at dawn, but it’s incredibly entertaining to watch.

Have a gander at the footage for yourself.

Via: Carthrottle


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