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This video will make you feel inadequate at parking

Whether some of us care to admit it, parking can be a painful experience. But not for one professional driver, who makes it look embarassingly easy.

The YouTube video shows drift pro Han Yue slide a 3-door Mini Cooper into a space between two other Minis. No big deal, except the cars are parked so close there’s only a 3.15-inch (8cm) margin for error. That’s 4cm each side. Oh, and he’s parallel parking with the help of a handbrake.

The stunt, which was performed at the China Drift Championship in Chongqing, landed Yue an entry in the Guinness World Records, narrowly beating the previous record of 3.4 inches set by Alastair Moffatt ─ a record that experts said was unbeatable.

Yue actually broke two world records in as many days. He now also holds the title for the most donut spins around a car driving on two wheels (yes, apparently this is a thing), a task he achieved the day before in a BMW M4.

Moffatt took away Yue’s previous record in July 2013 so it’s likely there will be an attempt from the former driver to reclaim his title. The question is just how little space is physically possible? Given that in 2012 8.26 inches was a world record, we’re thinking this battle has a long way to go yet.

The video has amassed 2.3-million hits in less than a week. Watch the video and feel woefully inadequate at parking.

World record parallel parking video


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