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Three introduces ‘RoadFi’ WiFi for cat videos in the car

Having WiFi in a car is usually the reserve of flashier and undoubtedly pricier models, but that is about to change as Three has introduced a WiFi hotspot for cars.

The Huawei-built device – known as Road-Fi – plugs into a vehicle’s 12V socket / cigarette lighter. This gives it the power to work as a mobile WiFi hotspot for passengers, who can use it to connect to the internet.

Road-Fi allows up to ten devices to connect at once, meaning it could be used in a minibus or larger passenger vehicle. It costs £10 a month on a 24-month contract and you can use up to 2GB of data so maybe go easy on streaming cat videos.

There is also a 12-month contract, which costs £11 a month and has the same 2GB data limit but the Road-Fi device costs £29 upfront. Alternatively, a one-month contract offers the same again but costs £49 upfront. Larger data packages are available for the more data-hungry users (see below).

All but the one month contract currently come with a free £25 voucher for, sweetening the deal. Bear in mind the price includes a £5 monthly discount when paying by a recurring method such as a direct debit.

The device itself features a futuristic green glow on top and is finished in faux carbon fibre so it should look at home in a modern vehicle.

EE and O2 already offer in-car mobile WiFi hotspots, with the former offering a year of RAC breakdown cover if you opt for the 24-month 4GEE Extra WiFi plan.


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