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Three quarters of motorists would fail driving test

Study highlights the fact you’re probably not as safe behind the wheel as you think you are.

If you had to take your driving test again, would you pass? For the majority of you, the answer is no – if statistics are anything to go by, that is. Three quarters of motorists failed a mock driving test in a recent study.

Remember the fear of test day?
Remember the fear of test day?

50 experienced motorists participated in the Direct Line study, out of which just 12 passed. The remaining 38 motorists managed an average of three major faults and 16 minors between them. 15 minors would result in a fail in a real practical test situation, as would any number of majors.

No special training was given prior to the test to ensure each participant drove how they would normally. The most severe faults were awarded for touching the curb during a three-point turn, doing 40mph in a 30mph zone and failing to check a blind spot, causing a pedestrian to backtrack onto a pavement.

Common mistakes included speeding to a lesser degree, lack of observation when reverse parking, failing to check mirrors and using the wrong gear ─ a reoccurring mistake that earned one participant a whopping 14 points.

The study said complacency and lack of concentration were largely to blame for the high number of failed tests, in part thanks to an over-reliance on devices like sat navs and driving aids such as automatic parking.

“Driving aids are becoming increasingly common and when used correctly, can result in a safer, more comfortable driving experience,” Direct Line’s Rob Miles commented.

“However, it’s important that drivers don’t rely too heavily on these aids, as it can be to the detriment of both their overall ability and concentration on the road ahead,” he added.

RED Driving School conducted the re-tests. The driving licences of those involved were unaffected, regardless of whether they passed or failed.

Another study found male drivers were statistically more likely to pass first time than women.

Would you be part of the one quarter that passes or the three quarters that fail? Either way, you will have to try hard to fail 105 tests like this woman.


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