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TomTom HD Traffic 6.0 promises five times better traffic avoidance

Car navigation company TomTom has issued an update to its sat-navs that it claims could reduce the time drivers spend in traffic jams.

TomTom's new HD Traffic system should help you avoid tailbacks.
TomTom’s new HD Traffic system should help you avoid tailbacks.

TomTom Traffic HD 6.0, available in the firm’s Live line of high-end sat-navs, promises to be five times more accurate than previous versions when it comes to providing information on road closures, traffic jams and pesky roadworks, and fifteen times more accurate than sat-navs and radios that use the standard Traffic Message Channels (TMC).

TomTom also claims it can detect up to 65 per cent more closed roads versus HD Traffic 5.0 via the help of its community-driven, real-time database, hopefully helping you get home with fewer time and fuel-consuming hold-ups.

Ralf-Peter Schäfer, head of traffic at TomTom, said: “We are committed to the continual improvement of the accuracy and precision of our real-time traffic information service. TomTom HD Traffic 6.0 is testimony to that, giving our customers improved routing, making their journey faster, safer and more enjoyable.”

If you are already using TomTom’s Live services for getting around, you will automatically be upgraded to version 6.0 for free when the update arrives at the end of 2012 in 23 countries, including the UK. If not, a year’s subscription costs around £50.

In other news TomTom recently announced a partnership with BMW, paving the way for its 5-inch XXL touchscreen navigation unit to be built into new 1- and 3-Series models or X1 and X3 models. Those with existing cars can head to a dealership to get one fitted.



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