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Tony Hawk jumps over Lexus LFA on skateboard

Half pipes, mini ramps and grind rails may be acceptable obstacles for most skaters. But when you’ve kickflipped your way through as many skate parks as Tony Hawk, the only thing still worth jumping over is a £330,000 Lexus LFA.

Lexus loaned Hawk the bright yellow supercar for his 44th birthday. Rather than doing what most normal folks would (cruise for hot models then head for the nearest border, never to be seen again) Hawk decided to turn the LFA into a skate park obstacle.

Next week, Hawk jumps a skateboard using an LFA.
Next week, Hawk jumps a skateboard using an LFA.

Luckily for us the moment was captured on video, and luckily for Hawk everything went to plan. At the start of the clip, a handful of onlookers can be seen gathered around the bright yellow Lexus, breathless in anticipation. Seconds later, the trucks of a skateboard can be heard rumbling towards the crowd, before Tony Hawk bursts into view, accelerating with all his might towards the car.

If Hawk were a mere mortal, he’d have face planted into the LFA’s bonnet, but they don’t call the pro skater ‘Birdman’ for no reason. Hawk hit the ramp at the perfect speed and launched himself over its bonnet, clearing its edge by just a few inches. It’s a wince-worthy moment, but Hawk executes the stunt perfectly, and the LFA’s paint jobs stayed perfectly in tact.

Oddly, nobody watching the stunt bothered to applaud. Presumably they’ve it’s all in a day’s work for the skateboarding star.

You can watch the action for yourself by hitting play in the video below.

Via: Youtube


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