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These are the 10 best Bond cars of all time

As the world’s most jaw-dropping collection of James Bond cars goes on show at the London FIlm Museum, Ellie Holland reveals her 10 favourite models.

James Bond is famous for three things: his licence to kill, bedding beautiful women, and his penchant for beautiful cars, many of which have just gone on show at the ‘Bond in Motion’ car exhibition, currently being held at the London Film Museum.

The collection includes everything from the the battered ‘convertible’ Renault 11 TXE from A View To A Kill, to the part-car, part-submarine Lotus Esprit S1 from The Spy Who Loved Me. But which of these dream vehicles makes our top 10? Read on, and prepare to be both shaken and stirred.

Do you agree with our list? Have your say below.
Do you agree with our list? Have your say below.

10. Renault 11 TXE: A View To A Kill (1985)

The 1983 Renault 11 TXE taxi driven by Roger Moore was battered, butchered, and bruised as it raced through Paris in A View to a Kill. In the scene, this actual car jumped over a bus, drove backwards down steps, and, as you can clearly see from the picture, had its roof chopped off by a barrier. But it still survived long enough to kick-start our Top 10.

9. Ford Mustang Mach 1: Diamonds Are Forever (1971)

The 1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1 marked Sean Connery’s return as Bond in Diamonds are Forever. There’s no forgetting the famous police chase in Vegas, where 007 drives the Mustang on two wheels and somehow squeezes it through a narrow alleyway. The scene was spectacular — even for the 70s, and despite the stunt, the Mustang Mach 1 is still in perfect condition.

8. Lotus Esprit S1: The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)

The Lotus Esprit, which transforms into a submarine in The Spy who Loved Me, was also known as ‘Wet Nellie’. It had cannons which sprayed cement on vehicles, wheel arches that turned into fins, and a small periscope on the roof which allowed Bond to see when underwater. It’s also got a missile launched from its rear deck. Does it get any cooler than that?

7. BMW Z8: The World Is Not Enough (1999)

The BMW Z8, driven by Pierce Brosnan in The World Is Not Enough, was sliced in half by a helicopter with tree-cutting saws. It was the only car where Bond was worried he would get into trouble with Q. Not surprising, because it’s a beautiful car that also comes equipped with a casual side rocket launcher.

6. Aston Martin DBS V12: Casino Royale (2006)

The Aston Martin DBS V12 was first seen in Daniel Craig’s first Bond film, Casino Royale. It seems pretty basic when compared with the other Bond cars, as it only features a spare gun and a defibrillator. But boy it is eye candy. It’s one of the most iconic Bond cars of recent times, mainly because it’s the one that was rotated seven times in a special effects ‘accident’.

5. Aston Martin V12 Vanquish: Die Another Day (2002)

Another car commanded by Pierce Brosnan. This Aston Martin V12 Vanquish from Die Another Day, nicknamed the ‘Vanish’, came equipped with a cloaking device, which allowed it to become invisible at the push of a button. This really marked the start of a digital, modern age in Bond films. Memorable scenes included the Iceland chase scene with the Jaguar XKR.

4. Jaguar XKR: Die Another Day (2002)

The Jaguar XKR was driven by the villain Zao in Die Another Day. The missile launchers, which are concealed behind the front grilles and door panels, proved more of a match for Bond’s Vanquish, and the front missile launcher, mini gun behind the seats and ramming spikes are certainly fit for a villain.

3. Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II: A View To A Kill (1985)

Roger Moore had the privilege of being driven around in the Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II in A View to a Kill. Slowly. Can you really imagine it being involved in a high-speed chase? Nope. It’s made for staring at. And drooling over. Even its death was slow and relaxing: being pushed into a lake by May Day and Max Zorin.

2. Aston Martin DB5: Goldfinger (1964)

The Aston Martin DB5 first made an appearance in Goldfinger, where it was armed with wheel-destroying spikes and the famous ejector seat. It was given a more smooth and sleek edge in GoldenEye where a champagne cooler was concealed under the center armrest. Skyfall saw its death, where it was destroyed by a helicopter firing machine guns. For a car that’s survived 50 years of Bond films, there’s no denying that this is 007’s most iconic vehicle.

1. Rolls Royce Phantom III Barker Sedanca de Ville: Goldfinger (1964)

The Rolls Royce Phantom III oozes prestige. It was driven by villain Auric Goldfinger in Goldfinger, where he uses the car to smuggle gold in and out of England. We think it makes an almighty statement, and it’s jaw-dropping beauty is what pushes it to numero uno in our Top 10 James Bond cars.

Agree with our list? Disagree? Let us know your comments below.



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