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Top Gear: Caravan Crush to keep you busy in the show’s absence

Not sure what to do while you wait for the Chris Evans-led Top Gear Show and whatever Jeremy Clarkson is working on? You could blow up some caravans on your mobile.

Developer MediaMonks and BBC Worldwide are responsible for Top Gear: Caravan Crush, which involves crushing as many caravans as you can using a number of different vehicles you may recognise from the BBC 2 television show.

Score well and you can buy another vehicle or upgrade your existing one so it’s more destructive. You can also buy other game modes to extend the longevity of the game, should you tire of making things go boom, and complete a few challenges given to you by The Stig.

Top Gear: Caravan Crush, which no doubt is named so to try and cash in on the worldwide success of Candy Crush, is available on Android and iOS and is a free download, thanks to the inclusion of advertising within the game.

Grant Dean, Top Gear Games bigwig at BBC Worldwide, said: “BBC Worldwide and Media Monks have created the addictive Top Gear: Caravan Crush bringing all the irreverence and humour of Top Gear to mobile and tablet gaming.  Players should brace themselves for a ton of ridiculous car customisation, excessive explosions and their unlikely new obsession with caravans.”

Point your phone browser towards the following links to give the game a go for yourself, providing of course you have a blower that will support it: Google Play, iTunes.

Top Gear will be returning to our screens with radio presenter and car fanatic Chris Evans at the helm. A female host is said to be a definite, with auditions open to the public for a space on the show.


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