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Top Gear preview: What to expect from episode four

Rory Reid in a Tesla, a race to Venice against a train and Chris Harris in the Aston Martin Vulcan. That and more in the latest episode of the revamped Top Gear.

Episode three saw Extra Gear stars Chris Harris and Rory Reid debut in Top Gear, and episode four promises is more of the same.

Rory Reid, who sent in his audition to the BBC to secure his Top Gear presenting role, will drive through New York in the Tesla Model X, an all-electric sports utility vehicle that offers 0-62mph in 3.2 seconds, seven seats and the ability to drive itself.

Anyone who has driven the Model S will know it is, quite honestly, an incredible machine. The question is whether Reid thinks its bigger, more practical Model X brother is better.

Harris, meanwhile, will be continuing on the theme of driving incredible supercars as this episode will see him driving around the Abu Dhabi Yas Marina circuit in a £1.8 million, 7.0-litre V12-powered, 800hp Aston Martin Vulcan ─ more than a match for the Ferrari F12tdf in episode three.

Chris Evans, Sabine Schmitz and Matt LeBlanc will be racing against a train, a premise seen in previous episodes of Top Gear. Except here the trio will be buying a cheap second-hand luxury car that needs to survive a trip to Venice. 

Top Gear being Top Gear, there’s a bit of a twist. Each host needs to pick up a Michelin Starred chef who will be challenged with preparing a dish on the way to Venice. 

As for the Star In A Rally Cross Car, Professor Brian Cox and survival guru Bear Grylls (a man who famously got naked in sub-zero conditions) will do their best to knock Anthony Joshua off the lap time leaderboard. Sounds like a good alternative to the footy, if you ask us.

The audience for episode three dropped to 2.37 million, a low not seen since 2003. But critics seemed to agree it was the best episode yet and so episode four may see the start of a recovery.

When can I watch the latest Top Gear, you ask? 8pm on Sunday on BBC Two. Extra Gear, hosted by Reid, follows from 9pm on BBC Three.


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