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Top Gear’s The Stig labels driverless cars ‘terrifying’

Not everyone is welcoming the prospect of cars that drive themselves with open arms. Former Top Gear driver Ben Collins – aka The Stig – has expressed his disdain for driverless cars.

Speaking to the ITV show Good Morning Britain, Collins labelled the whole idea “terrifying”. “Robots are fantastic as dishwashers, but they don’t make very good drivers. The best computer onboard the car is a human, so it’s sad that they are trying to put us out of a job.”

Be afraid, be very afraid
Be afraid, be very afraid

“The sad thing is now we are sort of drip-feeding the technology in, things like flashing wing mirrors that try and tell you when to look. You stop bothering to look for yourself,” he added. 

Collins went on to say how dangerous drivers could be made less of a problem. “A bit more effort into driver training, maybe improve the driving test.”

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has expressed similar levels of concern, stating that an autonomous car could be used as a ‘lethal weapon’. It also expressed fears over security – an issue highlighted by the recent hacking of a Tesla Model S. 

Driverless car trials will be legally allowed on UK roads from 2015. Google is already testing its own driverless creation in the US state of California. The first driverless cars in the UK could go on sale within the next six years.

Should we fear a car that can drive itself, or is a computer safer than a human? Until our computer stops suffering from the dreaded ‘Blue Screen of Death’ we will have our doubts.


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