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Toronto Batman reviews the Hyundai i30

A lot can go wrong when doing a video review of a new car. Vehicles can break down, they can crash spectacularly and sometimes Batman can swoop in out of nowhere and totally hijack your show.

The last of those three scenarios is highly unlikely, we concede, yet it’s one we encountered whilst out in Central London filming a video review the new Hyundai i30. Everything was going according to plan – the cameras were in place, the script was ready, the location was set – but out of nowhere the Dark Knight appeared and decided he’d demote’s presenting staff while he conducted the review himself.

The Dark Knight in question wasn’t, strictly speaking, the real deal. It was in fact Toronto Batman — the masked comedy vigilante famous for instilling equal measures of fear and merriment in innocent passers-by in his homeland of Canada. The giant bat was in London to protect our town from wrongdoers during the 2012 Olympics and decided to take a impromptu break from his security detail to give his views on the Hyundai i30.

Toronto Batman wasn’t particularly impressed by the i30 to begin with. The fact it looks good, does nearly 75mpg and comes with a wealth of equipment as standard was neither here nor there. Our test car didn’t pack enough weapons, wasn’t fast, sleek or black enough to wrench him away from the Batmobile or Tumbler.

There were a few things he did enjoy about the i30, however. It has multiple cup-holders, which provided a place for him to stash items – just like he can with his utility belt – and the large windows provide plenty of room for him to lean out and loudly exclaim to passers-by that his parents are dead.

Have a look at the rather surreal video for yourself and let us know what you think of Toronto Batman in the comments below.

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