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Tory peer claims that cyclists “long” to be run down by cars so they can film it

Conservative peer Lord James of Blackheath has claimed that cyclists who film their journeys are “longing for” drivers to run them down. Lord James’ comment could not have came at a worse time following the 6th cyclist death in 2 weeks on London’s streets.

During a debate over introducing fines for littering from car windows, Lord James ranted that London cyclists think they have “superior law and authority” over drivers. He claimed London cyclists think they have “control over everybody in a motor car”, thanks to “ludicrous” safety campaigns in the media. 

Speaking of his own experience, Lord James said cyclists “put their cycle up against the central reservation, not the line where the bus lane is, and stand in the middle of the road with a camera, and defy you to run them down while they photograph you doing it.

“That’s what they’re longing for,” he added.

Lord James insisted this sort of behaviour should be included “in some exclusion because it’s going to lead to their demise and our persecution, and it’s ridiculous.” 

At the debate, Lord James also insisted that children who had exposed their bottoms at him and his wife while they were on their way to a rugby game in Twickenham should be dealt with under the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Bill. 

“The sight of some 40 children mooning simultaneously is not a pretty sight,” Lord James concluded. You don’t say.

Is Lord James’ accusation spot-on or just bizzarre? Let us know by dropping a comment below. 


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