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Toyota GT86 Saloon given the green light

Toyota’s GT86 sports car will be given the saloon treatment, according an anonymous Auto Express insider at the Japanese car manufacturer.

The source claims the Toyota GT86 Saloon will be seated upon the same platform as its smaller cousin but will have two additional doors, a 100mm longer wheelbase and a “keen-look” grille up front that Auto Express describes as looking like a Japanese samurai sword.

Two engine options will reportedly be available; the 197bhp 2.0-litre boxer found in the current GT86 and a Hybrid R alternative that will produce somewhere in the region of 250-270bhp ─ more than enough to counter any extra weight from adding more doors.

The hybrid powertrain will reportedly offer 10 to 15 per cent better fuel efficiency than the standard 2.0-litre, with its battery working in similar fashion to the KERS systems found in Formula One cars. This means it will be able to recover kinetic energy from braking, store it, and send it — on demand — to the rear wheels, giving a momentary boost of power.

Toyota hopes the more practically-minded GT86 Saloon will attract those who grew up on sports cars like the rotary-powered Mazda RX-8, Corolla AE86 and the Honda S2000.

You will have to wait until late 2015 before the GT86 Saloon goes on sale — assuming it does in fact happen. Let’s not forget the GT86 Convertible, which was teased back in March of this year, is yet to be confirmed as a production model. Perhaps the Saloon is the safer bet?

Out of the GT86 Saloon and Convertible, which would you like to see hit production? While you decide, check out the Auto Express artist’s impression above.

Source and image: Auto Express


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