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Toyota SpongeBob Highlander Tanked Edition is an aquarium on wheels

Toyota has pulled back the curtains on the Highlander Tanked Edition at the 2013 SEMA automotive modifications show. The SpongeBob Highlander 4×4 is a unique vehicle that boasts a suitably fish-themed (not to mention garish) paintjob and an 800-gallon (3,028-litre) fish tank fitted where the rear seats and boot used to be. 115 individual fish and 32 species, including clown fish, pilot fish and squirrel fish, call the tank home.

A custom-built filtration system, UV filter, temperature regulator, overflow system and a steriliser keep the fish in good health. There’s also a SpongeBob figure and other bits and bobs fans will recognise from ‘Bikini Bottom’ — Spongebob’s home.

It was designed by Wayde King and Brett Raymer ─ the two stars of Tanked, a television show that follows two brothers-in-law and their aquarium manufacturing company.

“Brett and I love the challenge of designing aquariums in every shape and size and welcomed the opportunity to bring living art like this to SEMA,” King explained.

“The teams at Toyota and Nickelodeon gave us great platforms in the Highlander and SpongeBob SquarePants to create something fun and inspiring for fans,” he added.

Fans of the SpongeBob 4×4 will be able to see more of it at the LA Auto Show from November 22nd or during an episode of Tanked that will showcase how the vehicle was built. The show is expected to air in March 2014 on the Animal Planet channel.

Sadly, it seems you will be unable to buy the vehicle, but you could always get one built into your own car. Sure beats the usual subwoofer and spoiler combo, no?

Toyota SpongeBob Highlander Tanked Edition pictures

Source and images: IN Auto News


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