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Toyota FV2 concept car can read emotions

Toyota has revealed a new car concept that promises to read a driver’s emotions. The FV2, which will be unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show next month, is designed to “forge stronger physical and emotional connections with the driver.”

By using voice and image recognition, the vehicle can determine the driver’s mood and can also check driving history to suggest destinations.

“Toyota believes the relationships between drivers and their vehicles will continue to develop aspects of trust and understanding,” Toyota said via a press release. “Similar to those a rider will have with a horse.”

Like a horse, the concept car doesn’t feature a steering wheel or pedals. Instead, users move the FV2 by shifting their bodyweight forward, backward, left or right.

An augmented reality display will be shown on the inside of the windscreen, which appears to flip up. The company claims the body colour and exterior display of the FV2 can be changed at the driver’s will.

Toyota says the FV2 uses intelligent car-to-car communication technology to connect with other nearby vehicles and highway infrastructure to capture safety information. It can, for instance, warn its driver in advance of vehicles in blind spots or at junctions.

Toyota has launched an app for iOS and Android devices that lets users drive a virtual FV2. 

So what do you think? Could you really have a relationship with your car? Let us know by posting n the comments below. 


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