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Track N Go transforms your 4×4 into a snowmobile

When even all weather tyres leave you stranded in extreme climes, you have two options: eat the weakest person in your group until help arrives, or fit your 4×4 with the Track N Go conversion kit.

Track N Go is a bit like snow shoes, but for your 4x4.
Track N Go is a bit like snow shoes, but for your 4×4.

According to Autoblog, this ingenious system bestows an ordinary 4×4 with snowmobile-style tracks that let you tackle any terrain. You fit them by laying Track N Go treads in front of the vehicle, driving on, then repeating for the rear treads — only a small ramp is required. They are, in a sense, giant mechanised snow shoes for your 4×4.

The company behind Track N Go, AD Boivin, says it’s the first system of its kind, and we’re inclined to believe them. We’ve seen kits that permanently convert a vehicle, but never a temporary system that can be added and removed on a whim.

Track N Go looks as if it’s compatible with multiple vehicle types. AD Boivin demonstrated its capabilities using both a GMC Sierra and a Ford F-series Super Duty and both seemed to work pretty well. With the system fitted, these 4x4s hooned around snow-packed fields that would leave the hardiest of 4x4s stranded.

Sadly, Track N Go is a prototype at this stage, so it’s not available to buy. That said, we can’t imagine it’ll stay in prototype limbo for too long — it’s simply too awesome. It’s only a matter of time, surely, before it’s snapped up by the military, search and rescue and Chelsea mums that want to spruce up their Range Rover Evoques.

Do your eyeballs a favour and have a look at the video below to see Track N Go in action. When you’re done picking your jaw up off the floor, tell the world how much you love it in the comments below or yammer on about it on our Facebook page.


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