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Traffic-warden attacked with hammer after parking ticket row

A man attacked a traffic-warden with a hammer after being issued with a parking ticket.

A man decided to vent his anger over a parking ticket by attacking a traffic-warden with a hammer. Arafat Akhtar, 26, from Lea Road in Sparkhill, was arrested by West Midlands Police officers on Tuesday at 6:40pm and was charged with possessing the hammer in public and using it for bodily harm. 

The 46-year-old traffic-warden required treatment for a head injury, whilst Mr Akhtar has since been released on bail and will appear at Birmingham Magistrates Court on January 8th. 

Sounds like Mr Akhtar should spend the next few weeks taking anger management classes, although we’re sure if the judge does find him guilty after his court appearance he’ll have plenty of time to reflect on how bad an idea it is to hit innocent people over the head with hammer — even if they are traffic wardens.

Or, perhaps next time he’ll hire a ‘van sitter ’- a ‘professional parker’ who sits inside the vehicle, driving away if they see a traffic warden, whilst the driver goes about their business. 

What do you think? Do traffic wardens deserve contempt or respect?


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