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Traffic warden caught parking illegally while ticketing a broken-down driver

A traffic warden became a prime example of ‘do as I say, not as I do’ after being caught parking illegally while handing out a parking ticket.

The unnamed female traffic warden was spotted about to ticket a grey Range Rover, which had suffered a puncture. 40-year-old Lauretta Wright stepped out of her home to challenge the traffic warden.

The mum-of-two attempted to make it clear the driver of the Range Rover would return soon, having broken down, but the warden reportedly said, “it doesn’t matter” before stating the law.

Unfortunately for the traffic warden, Wright spotted the traffic warden had illegally parked her Peugeot. “As I turned around I noticed the warden had parked illegally too, on double yellow lines, so I grabbed my camera and took some pictures,” she said.

The driver of the Range Rover, 35-year-old banking manager who wish to remain unnamed, returned to find a ticket and a fine for £110. Speaking to the Daily Mail, the driver said: “I was already having an awful morning. I’d just got a new car and managed to get a puncture.

“I had to move into a safe place to call the breakdown services and the AA guy assured me that I couldn’t get a parking fine if I was broken down. I left to get a new tyre from the garage and had the ticket when I got back. I had only been gone half an hour.”

The driver, who had been on the school run when he broke down, said he thought it was a safer idea to move off the main road but received a £110 parking fine anyway.

He added: “Luckily the kind lady who intervened left a note, I think she intervened on my behalf, which is very sweet. But the warden just wouldn’t listen to her… It’s even worse learning they later parked illegally themselves.”

The incident took place in Orpington in south east London. Bromley Borough Council is yet to comment.


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