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Traffic warden fired for taking hundreds of bizarre photos with ‘victims’

It could be argued that many traffic wardens take immense pleasure from issuing tickets to hapless motorists, none more so than one ex-Brighton and Hove attendant who was fired for taking pictures of his ‘victims’ in the line of duty.

Steven Jarvis routinely took pictures of motorists he’d handed tickets to, telling them they could appeal more effectively against the fine if they posed with him in his bizarre snaps with their ticket in hand.

“I told the drivers that I could use an explanation written in my pocketbook to help them in their appeal,” he told the Metro newspaper. “That’s why so many of them agreed to pose for a picture. But I didn’t give them any concrete assurances.”

Speaking to ITV in an interview, Mr Jarvis said part of his reasoning for taking the pictures was to make getting a ticket a more “positive experience” and to show traffic wardens are, in fact, human beings.
Jarvis is said to have amassed around 200 pictures of him and his recently fined offenders, with a view to publishing them in a book.

Understandably, his bosses took a rather dim view of his exploits and asked him to stop. “They pulled me upstairs and told me they weren’t comfortable with me taking the pictures. But I just carried on using my own camera. “I think the pictures are fantastic – they’re really funny. They’d make a great book,” he said.

Jarvis was eventually sacked, with a spokesperson claiming the pictures weren’t the only reason for his dismissal.

“This was an isolated case. We are still investigating the incident but it is clear Mr Jarvis wasn’t meeting the standards we expect from a traffic enforcement officer,” the spokesperson said. “Appeals have to meet special criteria and the pictures would have had no effect.”

Whether Mr Jarvis will eventually get to publish his book of photos remains to be seen, as his employers have claimed, probably quite rightly, that the snaps were taken in work time and remain work property.

Source & image: Metro


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