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Truck carried 27 miles by tornado

Truck is carried 27 miles by a tornado that kills 15 people.

A truck was picked up by a tornado and carried 27 miles on Sunday night. In Arkansas, winds reached up to 200mph in a twister that has inflicted devastation across the US state and killed 15 people.

Arkansas twister chucks a truck 27 miles
Arkansas twister chucks a truck 27 miles

The truck was carried from Mayflower to Vilonia, crossing central Arkansas, by the extreme weather. Rated as EF4 on meteorological charts, it is not known whether the driver of the truck was in it at the time of the incident, but no one has yet come forward and no one was found with the vehicle.

The EF4 ‘Enhanced Fujita’ scale defines the level of damage likely, based on wind speeds. The top level is EF5. The truck wasn’t the only vehicle to be affected by the storms. Many cars were destroyed by the extreme weather. Meteorlogist Darby Bybee of KHBS-TV, in an interview with 9 News, said the situation is made worse by the fact ‘it is difficult to claim on insurance for a vehicle that cannot be found or identified.’

This isn’t the first time a truck has been reported travelling long distances in tornados, though this is believed to be the furthest distance recorded. In 1966, a woman and her young child were taken 70ft (21.3m) in her Volkswagen hatchback. The wind eventually deposited the car on top of a local business’ building, suffering no more than a couple of dents. Both passengers escaped injury-free. 

In summer 2013, the UK suffered its own EF4 tornado. The twister injured eight people in a region not typically affected by this kind of weather. 



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