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Tube to run all night weekends on five lines from autumn 2015

London Underground have announced that from autumn 2015 the tube will run all night at weekends on five lines. Great news for late-night working commuters and 24-hour party goers, but what will this mean for cars? 

It will mean fewer people will be parking their cars on London streets, less traffic and it’ll also mean fewer people bothering with expensive late night taxis — all of which is good news, unless you’re a cabbie.

The so-called “Night Tube” will run round-the-clock from Friday morning until Sunday night on the Piccadilly, Victoria, Central, Jubilee, and Northern lines. The historic change will be welcomed by 24-hour party people, businesses and their employees, as well as bring London into line with other capitals such as New York and Berlin.

“For 150 years the tube has been the beating heart of London,” mayor Boris Johnson commented. “Now it’s time to take the tube to the next level and so for the first time in London’s history we will provide a regular 24-hour Night Tube service at weekends.”

Mr Johnson hopes the late night tube service will not only boost jobs but also improve London’s reputation as the “best big city on the planet in which to live, work, visit and invest.”

There is, however, the strong likelihood of the Night Tube bearing resemblance to night buses, which are often teeming with late-night party goers engaging in disruptive behaviour.  

There will be a minimum of four tubes per hour throughout the night. London Underground also aim to extend the Night Tube to other lines and is considering adding a Thursday night service.

In the change, around 200 extra drivers will work nights. Passenger forecasts suggest huge demand for the Night Tube, so the service is expected to pay for itself with the extra fare revenue it generates. 

The historic change marks London Underground’s 150th anniversary. But is it a special gift or a case of thanks but no thanks? Let us know by posting in the comments below. 


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