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Two-wheeled vehicles permitted to run red lights in Nevada

Live in Nevada? Hate red lights? Well you’re in luck. From October 1st, bikers, cyclists, and riders of three-wheeled vehicles will be legally allowed to run red lights – but only if there is no other traffic around and they have waited at the light for a two red light cycles.

The decision to implement the new law was taken because traffic light sensors do not always detect motorcycles, meaning riders can be made to wait up to four minutes instead of the standard minute or two that cars do. Under the new rules, commuters on two wheels will be able to ride through a red light that has failed to detect them.

The new law states “this bill allows a person driving a motorcycle, moped or trimobile or riding a bicycle or an electric bicycle to proceed into an intersection against a red signal if: (1) the person stops as required by the signal and waits for a reasonable time; the signal does not change because of a malfunction or the failure of the signal to detect the presence of the motorcycle, moped, trimobile, bicycle or electric bicycle; and (3) the person yields the right-of-way to pedestrians and other traffic proceeding as directed by the signal at the intersection.”

This does, of course, raise the issue of culpability in the event of an accident. If a rider ‘runs’ a red light and collides with another vehicle that has a green light then who is at fault?

As for Nevada police, they aren’t totally against it but admit it will be difficult to enforce the law and there are fears drivers will simply run red lights without stopping and waiting the requisite amount of time.

Nevada isn’t the first state to pass such a law. Illinois, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Nebraska and others have all implemented the new rules.






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