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Uber driver threatens to cut woman’s throat

If there’s one thing Uber is known for (other than offering punters reasonably-priced, easy-access taxi rides) it’s hiring drivers who are seemingly batshit cray.

The latest example of its questionable hiring practice comes from a London-based Uber driver who threatened to slit the throat of a passenger who cancelled her taxi ride. 28-year-old Anna Kealey hailed the Uber taxi at 11AM in order to meet friends for brunch, but cancelled the order when it was ‘a few minutes away, she told Buzzfeed.

The driver responded by saying: “Don’t do that again, please. Because you bring me here, you such a idiot… don’t do again don’t do again don’t do again otherwise I’ll cut your neck.”

“The irony is I cancelled the cab because I occasionally get panic attacks,” Kealey said. “And right after I called it I began to feel anxious so I decided to walk instead to calm myself down and tell my friends that I would be late.”

Fortunately for Kealey, she didn’t’ receive the offending voicemail until the following day, when she was calmer, but said: “It completely shocked me. The language is so inappropriate, threatening, and disgusting. It’s extra scary since I ordered it right by my house. It makes me feel so unsafe.”

An Uber spokesperson issued the following statement: “We have spoken to the rider to ensure they are OK and encouraged them to report this the police. The driver has been immediately suspended, as is our policy, and we are investigating fully.”

This isn’t the first time Uber has courted controversy. The company recently added a panic button to its app in India after a driver was accused of raping a passenger. Another passenger was reportedly hit in the head with a hammer after a route dispute, and it’s faced a seemingly constant backlash from traditional taxi drivers almost everywhere the service has launched.




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