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UK car theft hotspots identified

Inhabitants of the City of London, Greater Manchester, and Greater London, are the most likely to have their vehicles stolen, according to new police data. 

Researchers from Intelligent Car Leasing submitted a freedom of information request to the 42 police constabularies across England and Wales, with the resulting data showing the country’s largest cities had the greatest instances of car theft.  Greater London, Thames Valley and Warwickshire rounded out the top six. 

Unsurprisingly, those who live in the rural counties of Devon and Cornwall, North Yorkshire, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, and Norfolk, are the least prone to car crime. 

City of London most prone to car theft.
The City of London is most prone to car theft.

The study also revealed car theft has been in decline over the last ten years. Thankfully, in 2012-2013, the amount of reported thefts saw a drastic decrease, which means motorists can now feel far more secure when parking their car.  

This decline has been attributed to advances in vehicle identification records, key verification technology and the fact that used car parts are no longer as expensive as they previously were. 

One of the more intriguing statistics, when considering the longstanding North and South rivalry that exists in England, is that the South has 4.89 per cent more car thefts per head than the North. However, this is primarily due to a disproportionately high number of thefts in the City of London area. If these reports from the South’s overall figures were omitted than the North would have a much higher rate. 

Despite cars now being harder to steal than ever before, this does not mean motorists should ignore the obvious rules when trying to reduce the risk of your car being stolen. For example, never leaving your car running unattended, ensuring that all valuable items are out of sight and, where possible, keeping cars parked in a garage, driveway, or a well-lit area monitored by CCTV. 


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