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UK police add dozens of Nissan Leaf electric cars to fleet

While Dubai police are busy bolstering their fleet with Lamborghinis, Ferraris and the like, police in the UK have taken a slightly more pragmatic approach by purchasing a fleet of thirty Nissan Leafs.

The electric vehicles will be deployed as ‘diary’ cars, which police use to attend pre-arranged meetings with victims of crime or locals who contact the local police force.

The force believes the Nissan Leaf is well suited to a ‘diary’ role, despite the limited range and long recharge times inherent to electric cars. Diary cars typically average 40 to 45 miles per day, so the Leaf’s 124-mile range should prove more than sufficient, even if somebody forgets to plug the thing in overnight.

Ten local policing units (LPUs) will run three diary car Leafs each. Each LPU will be kitted out with dedicated charging points.

Bob Jones, Police and Crime Commissioner for West Midlands Police said: “We welcome the new LEAFs, which fit in perfectly with the operational requirements of diary cars and will significantly cut our fuel costs while also reducing our carbon footprint.”

Barry Beeston, Nissan corporate sales director said: “It’s fitting that the UK’s largest corporate LEAF deal to date is with such a prestigious institution in the West Midlands Police. “

“The LEAF is becoming ever more popular as fleet managers see the benefits of 100% electric vehicles and massively reduced running costs. We’re delighted to hear the police are already enjoying driving the LEAFs and we hope they’re enjoying going after a new type of lead!”


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