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UK to be the world leader of driverless cars

The UK Government is aiming to make the UK a world leader in the development and adoption of driverless cars. To this end, it’s offering a £10 million prize for a town or city that develops itself as a testing ground for autonomous vehicles.

The scheme was revealed on Wednesday as part of the chancellor’s National Infrastructure Plan, wherein the government said it will launch a review to make sure legislation is in place to “demonstrate to the world’s car companies” that the UK is the “right” place to develop autonomous vehicles. 

It has already been planned that by mid-2017, 100 driverless cars will run on pathways in Milton Keynes. Google, meanwhile, remain the primary protagonists of the fledgling self-driving car industry, its self-driving cars having completed an impressive 500,000 miles of testing.

So far, California, Nevada and Florida have all passed legislation to allow driverless cars on their streets. Japan is also involved, with Nissan carrying out the first public road test of a driverless car on local highways. Elsewhere, Volvo has announced a plan to put 100 autonomous vehicles on public roads around Gothenburg, Sweden, by 2017. 

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