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‘Ultimate’ close call video lives up to its name

Compilation of the near-accidents is seven minutes of incredible near-misses.

YouTube video round-ups can be a tad disappointing, mainly because of hyperbolic headlines that fail to deliver what’s advertised. Not in the following video, though. The ‘Ultimate Close Call Compilation 2014’ by Uniformedia really is the ultimate in close calls.

Essentially its creator scoured the internet for seven minutes and six seconds of footage that sees various close calls captured on film. From cars power sliding within inches of pedestrians to giant boulders landing a few feet away from a car, close call really feels like an understatement.

Some of the accidents are so close it often feels like the driver had a guardian angel. Some will have you questioning the driving ability of those involved. Others, like the random shark attack, are just bizarre. All have one thing in common: time wasn’t up for those involved.

The video was only uploaded on March 13th yet it has been seen more than 1 million times, 3,175 likes and only 64 disgruntled viewers at the time of writing.

As the video description says, crank this up to 720p HD and prepare to be amazed. Then let us know your favourite clip in the comments.

Ultimate Close Call Compilation 2014 video


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