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Under-25s most concerned with aesthetics not efficiency

Under 25s care more about aesthetics than practicality and efficiency, a survey has revealed – hardly surprising from an age bracket that spends its time clubbing, eating unhealthy takeaways and trying to attract the opposite sex.

Young adults place most importance on the colour of their car.
Young adults place most importance on the colour of their car.

The survey, which looked at 1,687 UK drivers, found 72 per cent of youth were most concerned about the colour of their ride. Style was considered the third most important facet of a vehicle (61 per cent) after price (64 per cent). 58 per cent cared most about the size of their engine. A little over half of respondents (52 per cent) admitted that fuel consumption and its financial ramifications was least important. It would seem that being sensible and green-minded is still considered boring.

Respondents were then asked why colour was the number one priority, with 68 per cent saying that a car needed to “look cook” — presumably to aid in attracting potential suitors. Unsurprisingly, most said getting a car that looked the part was worth paying extra for. 64 per cent would be happy to pay an extra £200 for the right colour, while a further 29 per cent would happily drop £500. Only 7 per cent would shell out an extra grand for the perfect colour, though.

Breakeryard founder Matt Bott said of the findings: “It was quite surprising to find out that the majority of young people prioritise colour over everything else when buying a new car. While liking the look of your car is obviously important to many, it’s nothing compared to things like value for money and fuel consumption.

“With the cost of things like insurance, it’s a wonder anyone can choose to be so fussy about things such as the colour of their car,” he added.

Does the colour matter that much to you, or did it when you were younger?

Source: Breakeryard


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