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Urbee 2 is a hyper-efficient 3D printed car

Just when we thought we had seen it all, along comes another 3D printed creation, and this time it’s a full car that actually works. The car, which is known as Urbee 2, was made by US engineering firm Kor Elogic and took three months to build. It features two seats and is powered by a small 7bhp ethanol motor and two electric motors, creating a paltry 10bhp. Charging can be done via solar panels.

While the Urbee 2 will not win any drag races (except perhaps against a glacier) it only weighs 544kg, which is very littlein car terms. This allows it to sip fuel to the point where it is hoped it will only use 10 gallons of fuel to drive between New York and San Francisco. That’s a 2,907 mile trip for about £60.

Amazingly, the team behind it says it should be able to keep up with traffic and not clog up the freeway. A top speed of 110kmh (68.35mph) is claimed, which is pretty good for what is meant to be “the world’s greenest car”.

The body, which is designed to slice through the air with minimal friction, is made from lightweight 3D printed plastics and sits on top of a metal chassis, giving it structural strength and rigidity. Steering is of the rear-wheel variety.

As the name suggests, the Urbee 2 is the successor to the Urbee, which was Kor Elogic’s first 3D printed car. The first version was part of a project that has been going on for fifteen years.

Any eco-warrior or penny watcher who is happy to forgo space and style for fuel economy would undoubtedly love the Urbee 2. Sadly it’s unlikely to go on sale any time soon.

“After the second prototype, we would need a pilot run of 10 or so units and then an initial production run could be considered,” a Kor Elogic spokesperson told the Daily Mail. “As of today, the project still requires millions of dollars of investment before we are in such a position to sell cars to the public.”

Scroll on down for the video to see more of the Urbee 2, or throw some money at the company to help see it become more than just a cool concept.



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