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V12 Cheetah-R concept is a predator you can’t catch

If we could draw we would pencil a car so magnificent the world would look upon it in awe. And weep. And then give us lots of money. Sadly, we have all the artistic skill of a colour blind donkey, which means we will leave all that to people far more capable – people like Balázs Filczer.

The talented designer, who is a student at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest, Hungary, has penned, or rather rendered, this amazing V12 Cheeta-R concept.

Like its animal inspiration, the V12 Cheetah-R looks fast, deadly and ever so slightly like it might rip your face off given half a chance. There are plenty of design cues that pay homage to its feline counterpart, such as the cat’s eye-shaped headlights and the muscular, wide rear arches that mimic that of a cheetah about to pounce.

Sadly the V12 Cheetah-R will never roam our roads – unless the chaps at McLaren, Lamborghini or Ferrari are reading this and decide strike a deal with Balázs. Suffice to say, the kid’s got talent and this thing deserves to be built.

Using animals to design a car isn’t a new phenomenon, although some cars are much closer to their beastly inspiration than others. VW’s Beetle certainly looks like its namesake but the Plymouth Barracuda is anything but fish-like, and don’t get us started on the Nissan Bluebird. Or the Ford Cobra. Or Cougar. Or the Datsun Honey Bee. We could go on.

Previous work from Filczer, including a magnificent Porsche, this stunning push-bike helmet, and this aggressive Mercedes design, can be found on his blog [] and on his Facebook page .

You’ll notice some of his work takes just 20 minutes to create. Talk about rubbing salt into our talentless wounds, eh?


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