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Valet loses job over terrible BMW M4 video review

We love a car video as much as the next man, which is why we take a lot of time making our own Recombu Cars creations. But not everyone is quite so keen on quality. Or fact-checking, for that matter.

A valet thought it would be a good idea to film himself driving around a car park in someone else’s shiny BMW M4, giving his impressions of the ride while swearing a lot. It sounds like a winner, except for the fact just about everything is wrong.

For starters, the review says the engine is a V6, instead of a straight-six. Also it’s a ‘TwinPower Turbo’, not a twin-turbo. At least he reminds you what a gear-shifter looks like, shortly after getting confused why there are two M buttons on the steering wheel. It’s painful viewing, to say the least.

Later the valet invites what appears to be a friend or fellow employee on the test drive, which involves circling around the car park at low speeds.

One particularly sarcastic YouTube commenter gave his opinion: “Wow, how informative………………….. nobody said, ever.” 

Another commented: “Ahahahah, too good he got fired, well deserved! If you want to “play” with a customer car, at least know your facts instead of playing gangstaaaaa… What a moron…” 

Such was the level of disdain from fellow BMW owners on the Bimmer Post forum, one decided to identify the driver and complain.

The forum member quickly received a letter back from the director of valet operations and acquisition (who has been kept anonymous along with exactly where the incident happened), which led to the valet losing his job:

“Based on the information you submitted as well as the picture and videos the valet uploaded I have been able to terminate the valet and rest assured he will never work at this or any other garage or valet associated with the Park America brand and its subsidiaries.”

The BMW M4 has 431hp, a restricted top speed of 155mph and a 0 to 62mph time of 4.1 seconds. It starts from £57,050 and is available with either a manual or automatic transmission.

We did a review of the BMW M4 Coupe and BMW M4 Convertible, which you can watch over on the Recombu Cars YouTube. We promise no valets were involved in the making of either video.


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