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Vauxhall site makes sat-nav updates a breeze

Updating a factory fitted sat-nav with the latest maps often involves a tiresome trip to the dealer and the need to hand over a massive wedge of cash. Thankfully, Vauxhall is promising to make this laborious process cheaper and more convenient.

Vauxhall's new site lets you update your integrated sat-nav without visiting a dealer.
Vauxhall’s new site lets you update your integrated sat-nav without visiting a dealer.

The company is allowing owners of its cars to order map updates through a dedicated website run by its factory-fit supplier, Navteq. The site – – lets visitors select the right upgrade through a set of drop-down menus listing models, years and navigation system code numbers. Coverage seems pretty thorough. The list goes right back to 2000, when the percentage of Vauxhalls ordered with satnavs must surely have been minuscule.

According to the site, updates are generally made available once a year, with costs varying depending on the system and the map’s coverage. All are delivered by post or courier, in CD, DVD or SD Card format according to the system fitted. Alas it isn’t possible to download the data and burn it to disc, as Navteq employs fiendish copy protection software to prevent dodgy counterfeit discs turning up all over the likes of eBay.

Vauxhall boasts that the new online service will work 24/7 across 30 countries in Europe, in six languages and four currencies. It’s not clear if British visitors can choose to pay in euros, but it might be worth a shot as a €199 (£165) update will transmogrify into a £199 update if you choose to pay in sterling. 


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