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Vettel to drive for Ferrari in 2014?

Ferrari has added fuel to the fire of speculation that Red Bull driver Sebastian Vettel will be joining its F1 team in 2014. Team principal Stefano Domenicali was interviewed alongside F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone for Sport Bild magazine and published some telling extracts on its official Web site.

Vettel could be on his way to the Scuderia.
Vettel could be on his way to the Scuderia.

When the pair discussed the possibility of Vettel driving alongside Alonso they concluded it was a distinct possibility. Ecclestone said: “All drivers want to drive for Ferrari at least once in their career, don’t they?” Domenicali seemed to concur: “In life one should never say never! They are both intelligent guys and they could easily coexist together.”

These could easily be considered throwaway remarks, but the fact Ferrari has chosen to highlight them on its official Web site adds weight to the theory that Vettel is well on his way to the Scuderia.

In fact, several publications, including the BBC, are reporting Vettel already has a two-way, performance-related pre-contract with Ferrari for 2014. According to a BBC source, the contract says Ferrari need to be at least third in the constructors’ championship at a specific stage of next season in order for Vettel to jump ship.

Red Bull had initially denied the possibility of a switch, saying it had Vettel under contract in 2014, but has since admitted there are get out clauses in Vettel’s contract. Red Bull adviser Helmut Marko told Bild: “2013 is fixed for us, but for 2014, there is a performance-related clause in his contract — for him and the team. It depends on the championship rankings in 2013 but, if Vettel and Red bull slip in the crivers’ or constructors’ championship, he could go elsewhere.”

Obviously, Vettel will want to go nowhere if he keeps winning for Red Bull, but with competition in F1 hotting up, the two-time world champion may find it increasingly difficult to win races with his current team. This being the case, we may see that famous Vettel finger waving in celebration of a Ferrari victory in the not too distant future.

Do you think Vettel could race alongside Alonso in harmony, or will egos collide? Who will replace Vettel at Red Bull? Share your thoughts in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

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