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Video: Motorist drives over pedestrian’s head twice

A woman was left with a broken jaw after a motorist ignored a red light and drove over her in a 4×4.

The incident caught on camera shows the unnamed 52-year-old woman using a pedestrian crossing at a busy junction in the south-western city of Nalchik in Russia.

A Toyota Land Cruiser then fails to stop and the lady is knocked over and pulled under the wheels.

At this point, we see the bulky off-roader drive over her head not once but twice and at some speed before the vehicle comes to a halt. The woman is then seen clutching her head in agony.

Upon realising his mistake, the driver quickly gets out to offer assistance, suggesting he was completely oblivious to the woman crossing the road in the first place.

Shortly after the incident, an ambulance turned up to take her to the nearest hospital for treatment. She suffered a broken jaw but somehow, quite miraculously, avoided concussion.

Police are investigating the driver for dangerous driving to find out what happened. It is thought alcohol and drugs played were not to blame. Scroll down for the video and try not to wince.

Motorist runs over woman’s head twice video



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