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Video shows effects of marijuana on driving

Ever wondered what effect smoking marijuana has on driving? Well wonder no more as CNN has taken the liberty of getting three drivers stoned and then setting them loose in a car. Grab some popcorn, folks.

Three regular pot smoking participants were given 3/10ths of a gram of weed and asked to drive on a closed course. Their challenge involved negotiating a set of cones and performing a number of manoeuvres including reversing, while being judged by a very brave instructor in the passenger seat.

At this point you may be expecting carnage, with each participant performing burnouts and doughnuts while cackling maniacally for reasons not even they can fathom, but the result was relatively mundane. 56-year old test subject Jeff was seen to be driving noticeably slower than usual, but he was still deemed safe at the wheel by the instructor.

The other two test subjects fared well. Addy (who actually turned up stoned for the test) and Dylan drove as if they hadn’t moked any spot whatsoever – even though their blood tests revealed they were several times above the legal limit.

Once the first round of tests was complete, each participant was given a second identical dose. Again Jeff, probably paranoid he was doing several thousand miles per hour, drove more slowly than on his first attempt but the other pair continued driving as normal.

Amazingly, it took nearly a gram of pot before their driving began to suffer. The participants drover over road cones, forgot the layout of the track and at one point nearly took out a camera man. It became difficult to tell whether Jeff was actually moving, while Dylan was becoming increasingly forgetful (not to mention smiley). Addy, stoned out of her tree but wanting to make the most of this once in a lifetime opportunity to drive legally while wankered, became increasingly reckless.

All drivers admitted that towards the end of the test they were a danger to themselves and other road users, a fact backed up by two local sheriffs drafted in to comment on whether they would have pulled over each driver.

While it’s clear a small amount of marijuana in your system can seem as if it has little or no effect, driving while utterly inebriated on any substance is just asking for trouble.

Don’t try this at home. Or in your local car supermarket car park.

Source: AutoBlog

Image: Harvard PA


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