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Video: Watch this car salesman get run over by his own Volvo

Pedestrian avoidance tech is great – but you really do have to remember to switch it on.

Volvo has a long-standing ambition that states none of its customers will die in its cars after the year 2020. It’s well on track, too – it makes some of the safest cars known to man, many of which feature pedestrian-detecting automatic brake systems.

Unfortunately, no technology is completely infallible – especially when used by people who forget to turn it on, as this car salesman found to his detriment.

Shot at a dealership in the Dominican Republic, this amateur video shows what appears to be a salesman demonstrating an XC60’s ‘City Safety’ feature, by having a colleague drive directly at him.

Predictably, it seems the driver inadvertently (or perhaps deliberately) switched City Safety off, drove at the hapless target at speed, and proceeded to crash into both him, and another gentleman.

Much hilarity, we’re sure you’ll agree.

When you’ve watched that, don’t forget we pulled a similar stunt in a Volvo V60 against a group of human crash test dummies – with slightly better results.  


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