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Vilner Predator will hunt and gather your affections

There’s a common misconception that car lovers can’t appreciate a good motorbikes, but we defy anyone to hate a two-wheeled rocket as gorgeous as this Vilner Predator.

The original BMW F 800 R never had this much sex appeal.
The original BMW F 800 R never had this much sex appeal.

This beautiful monstrosity started life as a BMW F 800 R. However its owner, a Russian businessman with a huge collection of bikes and an even larger collection of bank notes, grew weary of it. He hated the headlamps in particular, which reminded him of a WWII gas mask, so he commissioned the modding specialists at Vilner to pimp the hell out of it.

Villner toiled for six months and came back with something terrifying and beautiful in equal measure.

The Predator features several notable tweaks over the standard bike. Vilner made it 25cm shorter than the standard F 800 R, removed the pillion seat and swapped the main seat for a wider more buttock friendly pew. It also remade the headlights to feature bi-xenon lamps and red LEDs, and mounted them one on top of the other inside a recess so they now look like a pair of evil alien eyeballs inside an evil alien mouth — in a good way.

At the rear, the Predator’s lights and indicators are integrated into a single unit and the tyre is wider than the standard F 800 R rubber. It’s also littered with carbon fibre and chrome detailing, which give it an aggressive, futuristic, yet slightly retro appearance, and there’s a custom BG exhaust pipe, so it now emits a ‘furious roar’. Vilner then garnished it with an attractive woman.

Underneath all that sexy, the Predator is almost identical to the standard BMW F 800 R. It uses the standard 97hp 798-cc four-stroke engine, which means it’ll do 200kmh if you’re brave enough.

It’s undeniably spectacular. Have a gander through the photos below and, once you’ve finished drooling, let us know your thoughts on Facebook or in the comments below.

When you're Russian and rich, the world is your heavily modified oyseter

Here's one without the lovely lady getting in the wya.

Underneath all that carbon fibre and chrome, it uses the standard F 800 R engine.

It does have a modified exhaust, however, which makes it sound angrier than ever.

We're no bike experts, but we're pretty sure she's riding it wrong.

Here's some carbon fibre. Lickable, isn't it?

And here are those gorgeous lights up close.


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