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Volvo Concept XC Coupé hints at new XC90

Volvo reveals rugged Concept XC Coupé sports estate.

Volvo has teased us with a concept that provides a glimpse of what to expect from the forthcoming Volvo XC90 seven-seater SUV. The Concept XC Coupé, which will debut at the Detroit auto show later in January, is the second of three concept cars from the Swedish manufacturer designed to showcase its new ‘Scalable Product Architecture’.

The rugged-looking Concept XC Coupé has been designed around outdoorsy types. “Those who love extreme sports freely seek new thrills and challenges. To ensure that they make it back in one piece, they prefer high-performance equipment that offers the ultimate sense of freedom and protection,” its creator and Volvo design chief Thomas Ingenlath commented.

“The Volvo Concept XC Coupé is perfectly in tune with this active lifestyle. Its capability and protection is cleverly integrated into the sophisticated looks. Concept XC Coupé is ready and willing to bring you into the adventure zone and back,” he added.

The Concept Coupé and the Concept XC Coupé showcase Volvo’s ‘Scalable Product Architecture’ ─ a new platform that makes its cars stronger without adding mass or weight and allows safety technologies such as cameras and sensors to be incorporated more easily.

Moreover both concepts share the ‘floating’ grille design and similar looking headlights that include T-shaped daytime running lights.

Unlike the first Volvo concept, however, the XC Coupé has 21-inch alloy wheels, arches that are more flared, a ‘taller roofline’ and a larger bonnet. A roof box and Volvo’s 360-degree camera system with surround radar completes the package.

Swedish high-tech protective clothing company POC is said to have been an inspiration in the design of the concept car, which makes sense given that Volvo announced a partnership with said firm. Both companies will be working on the research and development of technologies that allow communication between cars and cyclists.

“Providing the cyclist with confirmation that he or she is seen by the vehicle can make interaction between cars and cyclists smoother and safer in urban areas,” Volvo senior manager Jan Ivarsson explained.

Until Volvo lets the cat out of the bag we can only ponder exactly how much of the concept will make it into the new XC90.

A sporty estate with off-road capabilities ─ sounds like a winner to us. Whadya reckon?

Volvo Concept XC Coupé pictures


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